WHY are you missing new games on your report?

Every state lottery website is different!

We have custom software code for every state’s website.

When states change their website, we have to fix our code. Sometimes it takes us a week or more to fix the code and catch the new games.

We are not perfect, but we do try to be. If you see a big miss on our reports, please let us know by emailing us at Info@ScratchSmarter.com. Be sure to tell us WHICH STATE and which game name and game number (if possible) are missing.

NOTE: please don’t worry too much about new games not being on our reports for a couple of weeks. EVERY NEW GAME starts with a SmartFactor of 1.0 because, there usually isn’t a big sale of tickets in the first couple of weeks, so there won’t be much of top prize odds changing in your favor.  In other words ALL new games will start at YELLOW with a SmartFactor around 1.0. Yes, this means that playing “NEW GAMES” is not a good strategy if you’re really trying to win a big prize!

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