Why are games with 0 or only 1 top prize remaining still ranked so high on the report? 

We use the prizes remaining for the TOP 3 prize levels for our SmartFactor algorithm.  So, if there are several prizes remaining that are the second or third prize level, our algorithm calculates the updated odds and keep the game ranked higher.

Follow up question you might have: “My state doesn’t publish prizes remaining below the top prize – is ScratchSmarter making things up?”  No, we definitely don’t make up any data!

This is where our Freedom of Information request process kicks in.

We don’t just rely on the lotteries’ website for data. We send requests to many state lotteries for the detailed information on a regular basis to get more data when the state doesn’t publish everything we need on their website!   Since all state lotteries are run by the government, they’re all subject to Freedom of Information requests to provide more data.  (They don’t like it, but they have to give us the data when we file the requests the right way!)

You can read more about this on the webpage we’ve written up about your state. Go here and click on your state to read more!

Another follow up question you might have: Why do we use the top 3 prize levels?  Simple – a 2nd or 3rd level prize is still a BIG amount – usually over $1,000!  And seriously, who WOULDN’T want to win $1,000?!?

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