Which retailers near me have the Best Games on your report?

Now you’re asking the right question!!

Unfortunately, we have no idea which retailers have which games in stock. The only state lottery that has a search function for retailers with “games in stock” is Wisconsin.

It doesn’t look like any other lotteries publish this information. Why?  Probably because its either too hard to keep up to date OR it exposes the lottery to their dirty trick of pulling games early.

PLEASE NOTE: WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT “CHASE THE BEST GAME” by running around to all of the retailers in your area to find the best game. You’ll go CRAZY running around looking for some of these games (BECAUSE THE LOTTERY PULLS THEM EARLY – Remember Video Secret #3).  Just play the very best games you can find when you want to play!  And remember, you’re Scratching Smarter now, so NEVER play a Yellow or a Red game on our reports – they’re just a waste of money because odds of winning big are ALWAYS better on GREEN GAMES!

You should, however, play from the retailers in your area who do have better games.   Look around, and,  over time, you’ll find that all the retailers are not the same. Some only have bad games and some consistently carry better games!

On to the NEXT most common question:  What is the “Est % Sold” number on the report?

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