When looking at the prizes remaining lottery page, does that mean those winning tickets have already been distributed to retailers and are ready to be won? Or, is it a listing of winning tickets that can be won either now or eventually and may or may not be available to win immediately? This is a PA question.

The prizes remaining total simply means these are prizes that haven’t been claimed.  It could mean:
1) the winning tickets are at a retailer available for sale
2) the ticket is in the lottery warehouse, waiting to be sent out to a retailer, or
3) tickets are still in the warehouse, but the lottery has ‘ended’ the game and won’t distribute any more of this game
4) someone has the winning ticket and is sitting on it before the claim it.  (this is highly unusual as most people want their big $$ immediately)
5) HIGHLY unlikely, someone won but didn’t realize it and threw the big winner away.
It almost always means #1 or #2 or #3 above.  Read more about #3 here:
and here: