What is the smart factor?

The SmartFactor is our proprietary algorithm applied to every scratch off game.
It uses two very critical pieces of data.
One is the total number of top prizes remaining.
The other is percentage of tickets sold. 
The algorithm is the proportion of top prizes remaining vs the % of tickets remaining for sale.  If the proportion is higher than expected based on the odds of winning that top prize, then the SmartFactor value is increased.  The higher the SmartFactor, the better your odds are of winning a top prize.
Essentially, we’re counting cards – just like professional blackjack players do- at the risk of getting thrown out of the casino and banned for life!
While this explanation is rather simple, determining the Percentage of Tickets sold can be a challenge in different states.  We spend a lot of time putting data gathering scripts in place to get just the right data from each states website to calculate this value.