What is the “Est % Sold” number on the report? 

“Est % Sold” is ScratchSmarter’s estimate of the total percentage of tickets sold.

For example: If a game’s original printing is 10,000,000 tickets, we can calculate every week how many of those 10,000,000 tickets have sold. (50% would mean there are 5,000,000 tickets sold and 5,000,000 remaining.  The higher the Est % of tickets sold number is, the more difficult it may be for you to find a game in your area.

Follow up question: Why don’t we show the actual number of tickets sold or the actual number of tickets remaining?

  • The percentage remaining is more important than the “actual number” for calculating how odds change. And the EST % sold will give you an idea of how difficult it might be to find a game for sale in your area! The higher the % sold, the more difficult it will be to find that game.

NOTE:: If a game on our report has a very high SmartFactor and is >90% sold, you should be playing that game (if it is in your budget) because the lottery might pull that game soon!  They’re hoping to keep from having to pay out those top prizes and keep that profit for the state!

BUT PLEASE DO NOT START BUYING ENTIRE PACKS OF TICKETS! That is a sure way to lose a lot of money because the odds of winning are still not in your favor.   Follow the strategies we suggest in our Video Secrets for buying tickets!

Remember to play within your budget and let us know when you win! We give out some great rewards just for taking a picture of your winning tickets!  See our REWARDS PAGE HERE!


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