Reviewing the latest report for 11/10-11/17 in Pennsylvania and you show only 1 top prize for the 3m Extreme green – 30 dollar ticket, however on the lottery website it shows 3. Was this an error ?

Looking at our report from last week – please go to PAGE 7 of the report for just the listing of TOP PRIZES REMAINING.  On this report, we are showing 3 top prizes for Extreme Green – which is what the PA Lottery Page has posted.
You might be looking at our FIRST REPORT (PAGE 1)
Our PDF report has 4 different types of reports depending on what you’re looking for and these reports are all in the order of how we suggest you should look to buy instant lottery tickets.
If you’re looking for JUST the top prizes remaining report, that is our LAST report, starting on Page 7 in Last weeks report.  We provide this report to answer questions just like yours!  To keep us honest and to make it easy for you to double check that our reports are up to date.
You might have confused our SmartFactor rating with the Top Prizes remaining value on the state’s website.  In this case, yes, we only give the game a SmartFactor Rating of 1.063.
This means that the chances of winning one of those three top prizes remaining is only SLIGHTLY better than when the game was originally released.
Using the SmartFactor as an overall ranking of all GAMES for sale in PA, last weeks report ranks $3Million Extreme Green at #34 of the list (First report in our PDF- Ranking all games from Highest SmartFactor Rating to Lowest).
This means there are 33 games for sale in PA for the week of 11/10/17, with BETTER chances of winning a top prize than $3 Million Extreme Green.