My retailer says some of the games on your report have ENDED – What is going on?

Retailers only care about the games they in stock for sale in their store.  They only care about what they can sell you right now!  The Game End Date tells them when they will no longer get a game to sell to you. 

Retailers don’t really care about you and your quest to win big! 

But, we do! 

We keep games on our report until the LAST DAY TO CLAIM date has passed.

The GAME END DATE is the date the lottery stops sending the games out to retailers.    This means the retailers can’t get that game anymore and they can’t sell it to you if they don’t have an open pack in their store.   

But it doesn’t mean that the game is completely sold out!  In fact, it’s probably still for sale somewhere in your area! 

The date that matters to PLAYERS like you is the LAST DAY TO CLAIM date!  

Put simply, if a game has an END DATE OF July 15, 2019, the lottery stops sending that game to retailers on that date.   BUT, if you FIND that game for sale somewhere in your area, and the LAST DAY  TO CLAIM date is July 14, 2020,  YOU can still buy that game and claim any prize you win up until July 14, 2020!

With our report, you’re getting a look at ALL the games for sale in your state, not just what’s for sale at your local retailer.

In other words, ScratchSmarter is worried about YOU winning big by finding the games with the very best odds of winning a big prize, NOT just what one retailer can sell you!  If a game is on our report, it might still be for sale somewhere in the state.  Look around for it!

To learn more about the difference between End Date and Last Day to Claim and why these dates are so important,

ALL lotteries pull games early, especially the games that have the BEST ODDS of winning a top prize because the lottery is always trying to improve their profit!  Keeping games on our reports until the LAST DAY TO CLAIM helps you buy only the very best games for winning a top prize!

Just watch the video, and take a look at the proof below the video – you won’t believe it! Get smarter and you’ll never buy a ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ game again!

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