Is this for real?


Yes our reports are REAL!!

Here’s why:

Scratch off games are printed off in groups with a specific number of tickets and very specific parameters for each game.  We gather and track this critical data for every game, including:

  • Game name
  • Game number
  • Release date / Start Date
  • End date / Last date to claim as prize
  • Overall odds
  • Detailed odds for each prize level
  • Prizes claimed / Prizes awarded
  • Total number of tickets printed

If you have all of this data and keep it updated every day, you can calculate how many tickets are remaining for every game.  Then we use our algorithm to compare the total prizes remaining vs the original top prize odds.  Our algorithm is simplified  into a ‘SmartFactor’ rating for every game and we update that every week in our reports.  Our SmartFactor rating makes it easier to compare all games and identify when a games odds have changed (for better or worse) on the chances of winning a top prize.

We work extremely hard to track, gather, update and analyze all of this data so we can simplify it and report it to our subscribers in our Best Games to Play report.