I subscribe to your New York State Lottery service and want to know what has recentlt changed with the NY games? The reports for 2/8/19 to 2/15/19 and for the 2/15/19 to 2/22/19 are the same, so what has changed in NY? Did I miss a recent change in the NY Lottery or was there a change in your weekly reports?

The NY Lottery Website only provides data for their top 2 prizes.
In order to get better data for NY, we have to submit a Freedom of Information Request to the NY Lottery.  We submit a request every month for a full liability report which shows ALL PRIZE Levels claimed.
Sometimes, the NY Lottery is VERY VERY SLOW to complete these requests.
When we receive the data back from these requests, we process it immediately.  Even though we submit a request every month, the NY Lottery isn’t always responsive to our requests in a timely manner. So there may not be a lot of movement until we get our next report from our Requests.
We do, however, gather the data they publish on their website on a daily basis, but with only the top 2 prizes being updated regularly, we need a top prize to be claimed for any change to really impact our reports in between Freedom Of Information Requests being updated.
So, by now, you’re wondering what value is our NY best games to play report?  Well, NY lottery is one of the ABSOLUTE WORST lotteries for tricking consumers with REPRINTED GAMES.  You can find out more about reprinted games here: https://www.scratchsmarter.com/scratch-off-secrets/secret2/
PLEASE watch the video and scroll down below the video to read about how we analyze and treat NY specifically in our reports.
I’d like to say that you should see a lot of movement in NY games on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, until NY State publishes more data on their website on a daily basis, we’re at their mercy for when they provide us our Freedom of Information Requests.  As soon as they give us the data, we turn it around and provide it to you.
Is this as good as other states?  No.  Is it better than any other analysis out there for NY Lottery games?  We can state with 100% confidence – YES it is!