Why do you have games on your report that the retailers say the lottery doesn’t have anymore?

We work extremely hard to make our reports as accurate as possible.
We HAVE to include games that you may not be able to find on our reports for SEVERAL reasons.
Most importantly we’ve found that most states, pull games OUT of circulation before all top prizes have been awarded.  They DO NOT sell every last ticket for every game they print.  The reality is, most states pull games early when they have hit their return on investment and they DO NOT want to award the top prizes.  We have two big write-ups on this subject on our website.
If you don’t have time to read both posts. just know this:  we have to include every game that the lottery reports to us because we do not know if they have managed to collect every game (that they’re pulling early) from every retailer in the state.
So, we have to assume that if the lottery is reporting information on a game on their website, they still have some of those games in circulation somewhere.
The lottery may pull games from circulation early, but that doesn’t mean their team can get to every retailer immediately to pull the extra games.  In fact, in most states, once a retailer has opened a pack of tickets, the lottery cannot take them back.  They have to wait for the open rolls to sell off.
We would be EXTREMELY UNHAPPY if we had a top ranked game that the lottery reported on their website and a customer had a chance to buy that game, but didn’t find it on our report.
What if that retailer had a milliion dollar winner in their dwindling open pack of that game and we didn’t tell our subscriber that was the very best game to play?
We wouldn’t be doing anyone any good.  This is the EXACT purpose of our reports- to help our customers find the VERY BEST GAMES where they could win a top prize.  No matter if the lottery is pulling the game early OR if it’s just been launched.  If we subjectively pull games from our reports, we would be doing a huge disservice to all our subscribers.