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How is it that for the PA $3,000,000 Extreme Green lottery ticket there are only 2 remaining $3M winning tickets left out of 5 , yet, when I look up the scratch off winners listed on the pa lottery website, it only lists $1,000 winners for the state of PA? I’m becoming very skeptical.

We count the top THREE prize levels in our Smart Factor algorithm.  NOT JUST the top prize level.  For extreme green this means there are:
5 top prizes left:
Top Six PrizesWins Remaining
Extreme green had a printing of 6,000,000 tickets.
This number of top prizes remaining at the top three levels is disproportionate for what is expected with the number of tickets remaining.  We estimate the total number of tickets remaining = 12.3% left (currently we’re showing 87.7 Est % sold).
6,000,000 tickets x 12.3% remaining = 738,000 tickets remaining.
The specific odds for these three prize levels are expressed in the game details as winnable in multiple different ways:
$50,000 w/ EXTREME$50,0002,000,0003
$50,000 w/ GREEN MATCH$250,000600,00010
$3,000,000 w/ $3 MILLION$3,000,0002,000,0003
Added up, the odds of winning any of the top prizes is:
31 prizes out of 6,000,000 tickets
(3+3+10+10+3+2)= 31
or 31 top prizes out of 6,000,000 tickets.
Today the odds of winning one of the top three prizes is 5 / 738,000 tickets remaining.
If the top prizes had evenly distributed over time, we would have expected only 12.3% of the top prizes remaining or 31 x 12.3% = less than 3.8 prizes.
There are 5 top prizes left which is better than 3.8, which means the odds have changed for the better for winning a top prize.

Can I redeem some scratch off winners that are over a year old? The stores could not do it.

We are not the state lottery.   You’ll have to contact your state lottery to determine what the last day to claim date is for any of the tickets you have.  The lottery will end a game (known as the ‘game end date’) and will apply a ‘last date to claim date’ – usually 1 year after the game end date.  However, some states are much shorter periods to claim prizes.  For example, Florida has a 3 month window between Game End date and Last Day To Claim dates for most of their games.

Every since I have joined, game number 358 has not changed. None of the numbers have changed and I have been a member for over a month. Why hasn’t it been updated in over a month?


We reviewed the OH Best Games to Play report for the last 5 weeks and you’re correct – the top games haven’t changed position.  However, the SmartFactor rating has changed for every game every week and the games in the 4th and 5th spots (and lower) have changed position.
So, why do games get stuck at the top of the list?  There are two reasons:
1) Primarily because these games may have been ‘pulled’ from retailers OR the lottery is selling off all remaining tickets and there are no more to distribute to retailers.
But, there is still some top prizes that are unclaimed.  So, IF you can find any of these games you should play them because the odds of winning a top prize for these games are way better than when the game started.
2) We keep all the games on our reports until the LAST DAY TO CLAIM date has passed. Retailers will tell you these games are ‘over’.  This means the ‘end date’ is set.  The last date for retailers to get tickets from the lottery is called the END DATE.  The LAST DAY TO CLAIM date is the day you want to worry about, because, if you can find these games, you should buy them because you can still claim the prize.
Please read through our INFO page to learn more!

How can I find out the Game Number of any particular scratch card before I buy it? A buyer cannot see the entire face of a card from his viewing place in front of the shelves that hold the cards

The GAME NUMBER is NOT the ticket number.   The ticket number is simply the number ticket on that roll for sale and it has limited value for determining a winner.  Unfortunately, you cannot find out the ticket number on a roll until you buy two tickets.  We say ‘two tickets’ because you don’t know if the tickets were loaded into the machine forward or backward.  IF it’s at ticket 003, you don’t know if there are only a few tickets left or a lot.  If the next ticket is 004, the roll is counting up and there a lot of tickets left.  If its 002, the roll is counting down and there are only 2 tickets left because all rolls we’ve seen always start at 000.

Regardless, the value of the ticket number on the roll is good if you’re ‘watching’ a roll.  If you just won $100 on a $10 ticket numbered 005 on the roll, and you know the roll is counting up, try not to buy from that roll again until it’s past 015 because the odds are, after winning $100, that the next 10 tickets are losers.

But, that’s really the only reason to know that ticket number.   The GAME number, however, is the REALLY important number to understand because almost every state lottery does a REPRINT of games.  (Watch our video secrets to find out about REPRINTS.  Also, read our INFO page about the GAME NUMBER to understand what that is:

What is the Game Number?

Historically how often (if ever) has a report shown that buying a ticket has a positive ROI? I’m in Georgia if that matters. Thanks.

Playing Scratch-off games IS GAMBLING.
So are any of the numbers games, like Pick3, Pick 4, Powerball & Mega Millions.

Gambling DOES NOT EVER present a positive ROI for any investor.  Gambling is designed to MAKE MONEY FOR THE HOUSE.  If you’re in Vegas, the house is the casino.  If you’re buying scratch-off tickets, the house is your STATE GOVERNMENT.  It doesn’t matter where you gamble, the odds are ALWAYS in the house’s favor and are never ever designed to be a means of planned return on investment for the gambler.

If you’re looking for ROI, call an investment money manager and put your money into mutual funds.  In fact, we highly recommend that you invest FIRST.  Then, if you’re going to gamble, do it JUST FOR FUN.

AND, if you’re going to gamble, you better get smart so you don’t completely waste your money!

Some games, you cannot do ANYTHING about, like Roulette or the slot machines OR any of the PICK number games.  Those are purely random games.  However, other games, like BlackJack and Scratch-off games have specific odds and a running total of depletion of games (or cards) that allow you, if you know how to gain an edge.  At blackjack – you can learn to count cards, but beware, if the pit boss catches you counting, you can an will be asked to leave and never come back.  If you’re scratching off tickets, at the VERY LEAST, know which games have top prizes left and which games have or have not been reprinted.  If you subscribe to ScratchSmarter, we COUNT THE CARDS for you.  That is what our Best Games to play report does – it gives you the card count for every game for sale.   While we cannot guarantee you’ll win, we do SIGNIFICANTLY improve your odds of winning one of the top three prizes for any game because we track how the odds of winning a top prize changes over the life of the printed game.

A game will NEVER get skewed enough to have a positive ROI because the overall odds are always in the house’s favor.  Unless the IDEAL situation occurs.  The ideal situation would be that there is one full pack of tickets left in the entire state, at one retailer, AND you know that there is ONE BIG PRIZE left on that game AND that one big prize is worth more than the cost of the pack of tickets.  We GUARANTEE this will never happen because the STATE pulls games from circulation way before this ideal situation would ever occur.

The next question is – won’t the lotteries ask ScratchSmarter to shut down (like the pit boss asking the card counter to leave the casino)?

They can ask, but it would be illegal for them to shut us down, because, as state lotteries are all run by the state government, they’re subject to the state and federal laws requiring them to publish data through Freedom of Information requests.  Detailed scratch-off lottery game data is NOT private because it’s ‘state government’ data and therefore, subject to being publicly available to all citizens who could potentially buy that game.

In other words, your state lottery has to publish the game details we use to make our reports. Trust us, they DON”T publish it in a way to make it easy for us to process it.  We’re constantly updating our code to scrape from their sites and keep the ‘card count’ accurate OR we’re submitting Freedom of Information Requests on a regular basis to get the details we need to help you win more easily.

if you’d like to learn more, please read up on our Scratch-off 101 pages where we have several,  very short lessons about scratch-off games.

MN state. The MN state lottery is not posting the results of your number one pick gold and silver crossword in the unclaimed prisez are. What does this mean?

You’re correct, it’s no longer on the page:
But the detail page (where we pull our info from) is still valid
The game is still listed on the “Claimable” game page:
With an END Date of 10/2/2018.
At the top of that page it states:

“The following Minnesota State Lottery instant scratch games are prize claim eligible. This list includes both active and previous scratch games. 

Players have one year from each game’s end date to claim prizes for that game.

Scratch tickets are only valid to be claimed up to one year after the game’s end date. 

If a ticket is not on this list, it has passed its end date and may no longer be validated and claimed.”
But that’s a little deceiving because on this page:
they clearly state that all winners have 1 year to CLAIM a prize AFTER the END Date!
Heres their text:

Unclaimed Scratch Game Prizes

Scratch tickets expire one year from the end date of the game. If the one-year deadline falls on a weekend, holiday, or a day that Minnesota State Lottery offices are closed due to a legal holiday, you have until the end of the next business day to claim a prize. Prizes claimed by mail must be received by the Lottery within the claim period. The Lottery recommends that players use registered mail to send Tickets and Ticket Claim forms to the Lottery and that players keep a copy of the front and back of any Ticket sent. Only prizes of $500 or more are listed here with the exception of games that have no larger prizes. 

So, they pull “Ended” game from the unclaimed prizes page but there’s a big difference between END Date and Last Day to claim.  We keep games on our report until the ‘last day to claim’ in case you find it for sale anywhere.   It’s all explained here:

Is there any place where we can see the scratch off cards so we know how it is played?

We do not provide gameplay directions on any of the games we analyze.
The very best place to find this information is on each of the state lottery websites.  There is usually a page set up for each game with instructions on how that game is played.  For example:
You’ll have to search for each game the lottery website.
For Wisconsin – start here:
For Michigan – start here:
For your particular state, start at your state lottery’s website and go to the INSTANT or Scratch-off games section and look for your game there.