Do you have an iPhone (or SmartPhone) app?

We do not currently have any smartphone apps. Our site is optimized to work on iPhones as well as computers. We mail our reports in PDFs weekly every Friday.

Why don’t we have an app? We have been blocked from advertising our reports on Facebook and Google ads. The Apple App Store has similar Terms and Conditions to Google and Facebook, so we’ve decided not to invest in creating an app as we’re concerned about it being blocked because of apple terms & conditions.

RI Lottery: I have visited several retail sites, and find only a limited number of scratch games offered. Without visiting every outlet, is there a way to find some of these games??

Unfortunately, the Rhode Island lottery does not appear to have a search function on their website to find where games are still for sale or are being sold.

Our suggestion is to keep your report handy and just play the best games that you can find.
Because the RI lottery (and all other lotteries in the US) have been known to pull games early (See Video Secret #3) we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to find the best games listed on our report.  We can only report and track what the RI Lottery publishes.
Remember, only play the best GREEN games you can find.

Hi I enjoy your product and play TN and VA lotteries. The games ranked in our weekly report- are “top prizes remaining” basically the prizes they list on the website? Those smaller $10-$100 winners arent factored in as they are unknown, correct? Thanks for your time!

For VA, we pull and factor in ALL Prize levels, so our SmartFactor algorithm is 100% accurate, as VA publishes all Prizes unclaimed on a daily basis on each games webpage.  For example:
Having all prizes remaining for all prize levels allows us to fully calculate the SmartFactor rating.  Also, the EST % of tickets sold is highly accurate (again because of all of this data published).
For TN, where they only publish prizes for the top 3 prize levels, our SmartFactor rating still works, but the Est % of tickets sold has a lower degree of accuracy.  In this case, our SmartFactor algorithm still works, but we have lower confidence in the Est % tickets sold.  Over the life of the game, I would say it’s approx 95% accurate.  For VA, I would put our Est % of tickets sold at 99.99% accurate.
To put it simply:  States that publish all prizes remaining for all prize levels = HIGHEST degree of accuracy for Est % of tickets sold.  The fewer prize levels they report on, the less accurate we can be.  We don’t publish a SmartFactor for states that publish less than 3 prize levels.  For most of those states (like NY, MA & FL), we file Freedom of Information requests to get that detail.   We’ve requested that level of detail from TN, but hey have flat out refused to provide it.

I was told by a retailer that a scratcher will be retired even if top prizes are still available. In particular, weekly grand has been retired when your website says 3 of 4 top prizes still available. True?

Yes, this is absolutely true!  Check out our video Secret #3 for more details!


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There’s no report attachments in your emails?!?

Our team subscribes to our own email distribution lists thru several email addresses to ensure our attachments in the emails are going out.

Different email service providers have considerably different rules. If you’re not receiving the report attachments for your subscriptions, please contact your email service provider to ask them why you’re not receiving our attachments.
If you’re not receiving our emails at all, please check your junk mail folder AND add to your address book and mark this address as “SAFE” with your email provider to make sure the reports you’re paying for get into your INBOX.

We cannot guarantee delivery of our reports through email because we can only send the reports. Your email service provider is responsble for delivering emails that you subscibed to into your INBOX.

This is why we have the MEMBERS AREA where you can bookmark your states reports page and come back to it everyweek. Reports are updated there every Friday by 12 noon EST.

What are considered top prizes in SC scratch off lottery tickets

ScratchSmarter considers the top 3 prize levels for every game a ‘top prize’ when calculating our SmartFactor for SC, and for all states.  If we can’t get the top 3 prize levels from the website, we submit Freedom of information requests to get all game level details.

South Carolina publishes all prize levels and all prizes remaining for all prize levels for all games.

When looking at the prizes remaining lottery page, does that mean those winning tickets have already been distributed to retailers and are ready to be won? Or, is it a listing of winning tickets that can be won either now or eventually and may or may not be available to win immediately? This is a PA question.

The prizes remaining total simply means these are prizes that haven’t been claimed.  It could mean:
1) the winning tickets are at a retailer available for sale
2) the ticket is in the lottery warehouse, waiting to be sent out to a retailer, or
3) tickets are still in the warehouse, but the lottery has ‘ended’ the game and won’t distribute any more of this game
4) someone has the winning ticket and is sitting on it before the claim it.  (this is highly unusual as most people want their big $$ immediately)
5) HIGHLY unlikely, someone won but didn’t realize it and threw the big winner away.
It almost always means #1 or #2 or #3 above.  Read more about #3 here:
and here:

Do we consider 2nd chance drawings in our rankings?

We do not consider the ‘2nd chance drawing’ option for any game when analyzing games.   We do, however, consider the top 3 prize levels when calculating our algorithm.  So, even if there is a small number of the very top prize left, there is probably a disproportionate number of 2nd and 3rd level top prizes still available that would make a particular game rank highly in any given week.

Do you play scaratch off lottery to earn a living?

The answer is NO!
Scratch-offs should ONLY be played for fun and with disposable income – MONEY YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT!
Scratch-off / instant games ARE gambling and the odds of winning are not in any players favor, even with our reports.
Make sure you have a steady, stable investment plan for yourself and, if you have money to have fun with, then use our reports to improve your chances of winning big with part of your disposable income.

How many people have reported winning a reasonable amount of money using your system ?

We don’t ask customers what their success rates are. There’s a lot more to buying scratch-off games than just having our analysis.    Check out our FREE VIDEO Secrets to learn more.
Even though we don’t ask our customers about their progress, we do have some customers who really like to share their winning tickets with us.
 You can see them here.  WINNERS

Are you still accepting testimonials aka “winners” picturse to be submitted to the site?

Yes, we are, but only from active subscribers!

Have you won using our reports?  Take a picture of it and post it to get ScratchSmarter Rewards points!
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Check your current points balance here:

How is it that for the PA $3,000,000 Extreme Green lottery ticket there are only 2 remaining $3M winning tickets left out of 5 , yet, when I look up the scratch off winners listed on the pa lottery website, it only lists $1,000 winners for the state of PA? I’m becoming very skeptical.

We count the top THREE prize levels in our Smart Factor algorithm.  NOT JUST the top prize level.  For extreme green this means there are:
5 top prizes left:
Top Six PrizesWins Remaining
Extreme green had a printing of 6,000,000 tickets.
This number of top prizes remaining at the top three levels is disproportionate for what is expected with the number of tickets remaining.  We estimate the total number of tickets remaining = 12.3% left (currently we’re showing 87.7 Est % sold).
6,000,000 tickets x 12.3% remaining = 738,000 tickets remaining.
The specific odds for these three prize levels are expressed in the game details as winnable in multiple different ways:
$50,000 w/ EXTREME$50,0002,000,0003
$50,000 w/ GREEN MATCH$250,000600,00010
$3,000,000 w/ $3 MILLION$3,000,0002,000,0003
Added up, the odds of winning any of the top prizes is:
31 prizes out of 6,000,000 tickets
(3+3+10+10+3+2)= 31
or 31 top prizes out of 6,000,000 tickets.
Today the odds of winning one of the top three prizes is 5 / 738,000 tickets remaining.
If the top prizes had evenly distributed over time, we would have expected only 12.3% of the top prizes remaining or 31 x 12.3% = less than 3.8 prizes.
There are 5 top prizes left which is better than 3.8, which means the odds have changed for the better for winning a top prize.

Can I redeem some scratch off winners that are over a year old? The stores could not do it.

We are not the state lottery.   You’ll have to contact your state lottery to determine what the last day to claim date is for any of the tickets you have.  The lottery will end a game (known as the ‘game end date’) and will apply a ‘last date to claim date’ – usually 1 year after the game end date.  However, some states are much shorter periods to claim prizes.  For example, Florida has a 3 month window between Game End date and Last Day To Claim dates for most of their games.