Historically how often (if ever) has a report shown that buying a ticket has a positive ROI? I’m in Georgia if that matters. Thanks.

Playing Scratch-off games IS GAMBLING.
So are any of the numbers games, like Pick3, Pick 4, Powerball & Mega Millions.

Gambling DOES NOT EVER present a positive ROI for any investor.  Gambling is designed to MAKE MONEY FOR THE HOUSE.  If you’re in Vegas, the house is the casino.  If you’re buying scratch-off tickets, the house is your STATE GOVERNMENT.  It doesn’t matter where you gamble, the odds are ALWAYS in the house’s favor and are never ever designed to be a means of planned return on investment for the gambler.

If you’re looking for ROI, call an investment money manager and put your money into mutual funds.  In fact, we highly recommend that you invest FIRST.  Then, if you’re going to gamble, do it JUST FOR FUN.

AND, if you’re going to gamble, you better get smart so you don’t completely waste your money!

Some games, you cannot do ANYTHING about, like Roulette or the slot machines OR any of the PICK number games.  Those are purely random games.  However, other games, like BlackJack and Scratch-off games have specific odds and a running total of depletion of games (or cards) that allow you, if you know how to gain an edge.  At blackjack – you can learn to count cards, but beware, if the pit boss catches you counting, you can an will be asked to leave and never come back.  If you’re scratching off tickets, at the VERY LEAST, know which games have top prizes left and which games have or have not been reprinted.  If you subscribe to ScratchSmarter, we COUNT THE CARDS for you.  That is what our Best Games to play report does – it gives you the card count for every game for sale.   While we cannot guarantee you’ll win, we do SIGNIFICANTLY improve your odds of winning one of the top three prizes for any game because we track how the odds of winning a top prize changes over the life of the printed game.

A game will NEVER get skewed enough to have a positive ROI because the overall odds are always in the house’s favor.  Unless the IDEAL situation occurs.  The ideal situation would be that there is one full pack of tickets left in the entire state, at one retailer, AND you know that there is ONE BIG PRIZE left on that game AND that one big prize is worth more than the cost of the pack of tickets.  We GUARANTEE this will never happen because the STATE pulls games from circulation way before this ideal situation would ever occur.

The next question is – won’t the lotteries ask ScratchSmarter to shut down (like the pit boss asking the card counter to leave the casino)?

They can ask, but it would be illegal for them to shut us down, because, as state lotteries are all run by the state government, they’re subject to the state and federal laws requiring them to publish data through Freedom of Information requests.  Detailed scratch-off lottery game data is NOT private because it’s ‘state government’ data and therefore, subject to being publicly available to all citizens who could potentially buy that game.

In other words, your state lottery has to publish the game details we use to make our reports. Trust us, they DON”T publish it in a way to make it easy for us to process it.  We’re constantly updating our code to scrape from their sites and keep the ‘card count’ accurate OR we’re submitting Freedom of Information Requests on a regular basis to get the details we need to help you win more easily.

if you’d like to learn more, please read up on our Scratch-off 101 pages where we have several,  very short lessons about scratch-off games.

Can’t I just do this analysis on my own?

Yes, you can, if you have the time and the discipline!

We have taken years to build and perfect our database to analyze scratch off games.

At the same time, we’ve invested a lot of money to write custom code to gather all of the data for EVERY GAME on your state’s lottery website.  And we invest in continuing to update this code as the lottery websites change how they publish their data!

For some states, we’ve taken the time to develop our Freedom of Information request process with the state lotteries office.

So, if you know exactly what data to collect to do card card counting, it would still take the average person 3 to 4 hours just to gather the data on every game and put it into a spreadsheet to analyze it. Then, it takes another hour or two to analyze the data to figure out which is the Best Game to Play.

That’s a total of a 4 to 6 hours EVERY TIME you want to analyze the data just to go scratch off a few games!   And hopefully, you didn’t make any mistakes in all of that hard work you just did!

Our reports cost just 38 cents a week and we do all of this work for you!  This includes all of our data quality checks and our perfected card counting algorithm.  Really, it’s just 38 CENTS every week if you subscribe for a year!

You would have to earn LESS than 9 cents an HOUR to make it worth your while to do this analysis yourself! 

Our reports pay for themselves the very first time you use them because we help you avoid the games that aren’t worth playing!

Quite frankly, we can’t understand why anyone WOULD NOT subscribe today!

My lottery retailer said that some of your Top Games aren’t for sale any more – why is it still on your reports?


Just because a Lottery Retailer doesn’t have the game for sale doesn’t mean it isn’t for sale somewhere in the state!   Retailers only make about 5% on the sale of a scratch-off ticket.  In other words, selling scratch-off tickets is a waste of their time.  They want you to just pick from what they have in stock and go buy something else in their store!

Yes, some games do get pulled from the retailers early, but the reason ‘why’ will probably surprise you!  See Video Secret #3 in our FREE VIDEO SECRETS TO learn WHY you may not be able to find some of the top games.

Then, decide for yourself if you just want to waste your money on any game the lottery and your retailer wants you to play, or if you’re ready to really try to start Scratching Smarter!?!

Is this for real?


Yes our reports are REAL!!

Here’s why:

Scratch off games are printed off in groups with a specific number of tickets and very specific parameters for each game.  We gather and track this critical data for every game, including:

  • Game name
  • Game number
  • Release date / Start Date
  • End date / Last date to claim as prize
  • Overall odds
  • Detailed odds for each prize level
  • Prizes claimed / Prizes awarded
  • Total number of tickets printed

If you have all of this data and keep it updated every day, you can calculate how many tickets are remaining for every game.  Then we use our algorithm to compare the total prizes remaining vs the original top prize odds.  Our algorithm is simplified  into a ‘SmartFactor’ rating for every game and we update that every week in our reports.  Our SmartFactor rating makes it easier to compare all games and identify when a games odds have changed (for better or worse) on the chances of winning a top prize.

We work extremely hard to track, gather, update and analyze all of this data so we can simplify it and report it to our subscribers in our Best Games to Play report.


Do you provide any free reports?


We provide an easy to use “top prizes remaining’ webpage for every state, but our paid subscriptions are much better!

Why? Knowing the Top Prizes remaining only really matters if the top prize remaining is ZERO!  Even if there is only one top prize remaining for a game, that doesn’t tell you much because you don’t know how many tickets of that game have been sold.  Is it ONE top prize with only 1000 tickets left for sale?  If so – we would BUY THE HECK out of that game!

Look up your state here and find our FREE report for your state – updated every day!