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Secret #1

You may have already watched the first secret video on our homepage:  we use a lot of data to count cards & show you how the odds have changed for every game in your state!  

Secret #2 (VIDEO LENGTH 2:42)

Even we couldn’t believe this one when we discovered it. It’s so big we had to make sure our Best Games to Play reports automatically accounted for it so you don’t get swindled!


Secret #3 (VIDEO LENGTH 2:01)

Secret # 3 is almost as big as Secret #2, but it isn’t as obvious to everyone!  It actually took us years to really understand how devious these two dirty tricks really are!

Secret #4 (VIDEO LENGTH 1:56)

So you thought the guy selling you scratch-offs was your friend??  Guess again!

Secret #5 (VIDEO LENGTH 2:31)

Do you think you really understand Scratch-off games?  There’s a lot more to these fun little games than you realize!  Find out more in Secret #4

Secret #6  (VIDEO LENGTH 2:30)

9 simple tips to make sure you keep what you win!  Lots of details in this short little video, so pay attention!

Secret #7   (VIDEO LENGTH 1:39)

If you want a long-term success strategy for scratch-off
tickets, this is our “money in the bank” trick.

Secret #8   (VIDEO LENGTH 1:53)

Did you know that ‘where’ and ‘when’ you buy matters? We’ll tell you your ideal location and time to play.

Secret #9   (VIDEO LENGTH 3:03) 

Don’t buy the next loser!  A simple strategy to keep your hard earned money play smarter for you!


Secret #10  (VIDEO LENGTH 2:13)

Just like athletes, you always want to ‘play up’ when it comes to scratch-off tickets!   Here’s where you’ll discover our ‘Lebron James’ tip for upping your game.