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Secret #1

You may have already watched the first secret video on our homepage:  we use a lot of data to count cards & show you how the odds have changed for every game in your state!  

Secret #2

Understanding this secret about all of the games for sale will help you understand why some basic analysis is CRITICAL before buying a single ticket!

Secret #3

If you want a long-term success strategy for scratch-off
tickets, this is our “money in the bank” trick.

Secret #4

Feel like you’re getting ‘taken’ every time you buy a game card?   This is our top tip for keeping more money in your wallet.

Secret #5 

Did you know that ‘where’ and ‘when’ you buy matters? We’ll tell you your ideal location and time to play.

Secret #6

Just like athletes, you always want to ‘play up’ when it comes to scratch-off tickets!   Here’s where you’ll discover our ‘Lebron James’ tip for upping your game.

Secret #7

Why do we play?  FOR THE $$$ !!  Guess what – the lottery doesn’t want you to have it!  Find out how to always claim what’s yours with these simple steps!

Secret #8

 Hmmmm- You might have known this, but never really thought about it before – it just makes sense!

Secret #9

Let’s get real for a minute – Scratch-offs are BIG money for the state.  It’s time to put your superstitions aside & get serious!

Secret #10 

Even we couldn’t believe this one when we discovered it. It’s so big we had to make sure our Best Games to Play reports automatically accounted for it so you don’t get swindled!

Secret #11

So you thought the guy selling you scratch-offs was your friend??  Guess again!

Ok, so this one isn’t a video (yet), but it is well worth the read.