Why should I trust ScratchSmarter?

Trust is a hard thing to come by – especially with so many ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the internet today.  ScratchSmarter looks to earn our customers trust day in and day out.  We strive to be the NUMBER ONE SOURCE about instant scratch off games in the US.  We gather more dat about instant games than anyone else and we analyze it for more customers than any other service in the world.

The first thing we have to tell you is that the lottery is NOT designed t make you rich.  Sounds funny, right?  But we do get this perspective every day from new visitors to our site.  The truth is, the lottery is designed to take money from you, and it almost always will!  Across the country, the scratch off industry generates more than $32 Billion a year in sales. Thats as much as Megamillions an Powerball combined!  This is BIG BUSINESS!  We know, we’ve been studying it and analyzing it since 2011.

So, if you think you’re going to subscribe to our reports and start winning big or making a living from scratch off tickets, please DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!  The lottery isn’t something you can make a living with!  It’s designed to take your money, not make you a millionaire.   You should only buy lottery tickets for FUN!

But buying tickets, even just for fun, can be expensive!  Since Mega Millions and Powerball have both doubled their price for tickets recently, it’s time to find some better changes of winning!

Thats why we love Scratchers!  Because, unlike PICK number games, scratch off game odds change over time because of the available number of tickets for sale.  As more tickets are sold and prizes are or are not claimed, the odds of winning a top prize changes over time.  Because of this, most states require that their lotteries publish data about the status of their games.

Unfortunately, the websites publish just DATA.    You have to put that data together in order for it to be informative and useful!  That’s what ScratchSmarter does!  We pull the data from each states website and create useful, meaningful reports ever week or our subscribers.

The challenge is that every state publishes their own version of that data in their own unique way.   This is where ScratchSmarter excels!  We have been analyzing and tracking each state for years.  Check out all of the lotteries we analyze:


We have spent years analyzing all of the different ways the lotteries publish their data.  And across the country we’ve been watching patterns about what the lotteries do to take more $$ out of your pocket!  So, even though you may never buy a ticket in another state, you’ll benefit from what we find all across the country!  We put all of our insight into our reports to help you beat the odds!

ScratchSmarter has spent years perfecting our reporting process.  We triple check the state’s data and verify our analysis before our reports are published every Friday.  Here is a little overview of how we create our report.

  • we gather the data from every states website DAILY and load it into our database
  • we compare every days NEW set of data to all of the data we’ve gathered in the past for every game to ensure there are no errors in what the states have posted on their website
  • we manually review any data error that appears incorrect from the state
  • our database runs our patent pending algorithm and calculates the best games to play every day
  • after one more review & any necessary data clean up, we publish our analysis of your states games every Friday into our Best Games to Play reports

This process ensures our analysis is based on the facts published on the state lotteries website & ensures that you’re given the best information for what games to play and what games to avoid!

Where does ScratchSmarter get its data?
Our data is collected directly from the lottery corporation’s websites.  We use a website scraping engine to go to each lottery corporation website and scrape the data directly from the web pages every day.  This engine is designed to gather all of the critical data about every game.  It would take a person hours and hours to manually compile all of this data just to be able to compare instant games.  Our scraping engine does it all in minutes, which allows us to gather all of this data EVERY DAY and compare the data from day to day, looking for errors & keeping our analysis up to date & extremely accurate!

How does ScratchSmarter ensure there are no errors in the Best Games to Play report?
Once the data is collected it is put through 19 error checks, any one of which will raise an error that would notify our quality assurance team that there is a problem with a particular game.  Our team investigates each error and takes the necessary actions to correct the error and ensure the analysis for the best games to play report is completely accurate.

What is the data cleansing process?
Believe it or not, we’ve found errors on the Lottery Corporation web pages and have had to create a data cleansing process to fix the errors we’ve found.   The lottery websites are managed and updated by people, which means, accidents will happen.  To ensure you’re getting the best analysis possible, we’ve implemented a 67 step process where we analyze the data and double check these possible errors, we then take the appropriate corrective action to ensure you’re getting the BEST analysis possible.

How does ScratchSmarter analyze the data?
Once we have clean error free data from the lottery corporations we can then analyze each and every game.  When we analyze the games we are looking for the following:

  • Games that are mostly sold but still have top prizes available
  • Games with good overall odds
  • Games that are still active and can have their prizes claimed

Based on this information we rank all the games of each lottery corporation.
Games that have no top prizes are automatically pushed to the bottom of the list and marked in RED = Do Not Play.

Games that have expired and can no longer be claimed are removed altogether. So if you don’t find it in our report, don’t buy it.
When our algorithm generates a ‘tie’ between two games (meaning ScratchSmarter believes they both have the same chances  of winning a top prize), we break the tie based on which game has the best overall odds.

So, do we have your trust yet?    Subscribe to a report for your state today and see how we can help you!

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