Scratch-off 101


Since 2011, ScratchSmarter has been tracking instant scratch-off lottery game information for almost EVERY state lottery in the US.

We’re a team of data professionals who have put our talent, skills, and experience in software, websites, databases and Big Data into ScratchSmarter to help YOU unlock the secrets and the tricks the lotteries use in selling Scratch-Off tickets.

We’ve found so many different secrets to instant scratch-off games — and this is where you can
discover them! Start by reading our Scratch-Off 101 section below. This content will provide
you with the absolute basics you need to know.

Scratch-Off 101

Here’s where we simplify all of the nitty-gritty and show how it impacts YOU and your odds of
winning. Click on each link below to find out:

Scratch-Off 201

Why should you TRUST ScratchSmarter?

After you finish Scratch-Off 101 & 201, you’re ready for our VIDEO SECRETS!

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