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NY$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Boggle Cashword141112021-01-18
NY$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Cashword144822021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Hold Em Poker140512021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 make MY MONTH™142012021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Mania140712021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 PAYOUT BONUS146632021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Premium Play143122021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Win It All143002021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week For Life135412021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week For Life142512021-01-18
NY$30.00 Games$10,000,000 Black Titanium140662021-01-18
NY$50.00 Games$10,000,000 BONUS146432021-01-18
NY$30.00 Games$10,000,000 Colossal Cash138322021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week For Life144732021-01-18
NY$10.00 Games$2,500,000 make MY YEAR™141912021-01-18
NY$2.00 Games$20,000 Taxes Paid143202021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games$300,000,000 World Class Cash139112021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games$5,000,000 Mega Multiplier143932021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games$500,000 GOLD & SILVER145022021-01-18
NY$2.00 Games$52,000 make MY WEEK™142112021-01-18
NY$10.00 Games$600 Cash14014022021-01-18
NY$10.00 Games$600 SURPRISE / WIN $6001456391992021-01-18
NY$25.00 Games$7,000,000 Supercash135502021-01-18
NY$1.00 Games$7,500 make MY DAY™142232021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games100X146042021-01-18
NY$20.00 Games100X The Cash136802021-01-18
NY$2.00 Games10X1462112021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games20X146132021-01-18
NY$5.00 Games25X The Money144312021-01-18
NY$1.00 Games3 Times Lucky143322021-01-18
NY$10.00 Games50X146532021-01-18
NY$1.00 Games5X1463152021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesBIG BUCKS145832021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesBig Million137812021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesBINGO DOUBLER139942021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesBirthday Bucks134342021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesBonus 9s144012021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesCash Money144122021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesCASH WHEEL MULTIPLIER145132021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesCashword142992021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesCashword Doubler1423102021-01-18
NY$10.00 GamesExtreme Winner Cashword/Cashword x50141702021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesGold Bar 7s137902021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesGolden 8s141812021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesGreat 8s X10144452021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesHit $100143764532021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesHit $250143622432021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesHit $50143893432021-01-18
NY$10.00 GamesHit $600143561032021-01-18
NY$10.00 GamesHoliday Lucky X50141222021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesHot Pink 7s142622021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesINSTANT TAKE 51416352021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesLoose Change 140814085092021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesLoose Change Doubler142812021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesLUCKY 7'S138292021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesLUCKY 7'S1454642021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesLucky Match Multiplier140322021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesMONEY MAKER144582021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesMONEYBAGS141022021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesMystery Prize Cashword142712021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesNew York Million140222021-01-18
NY$10.00 GamesSET FOR LIFE140012021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesSilver Bills - Red Riches141312021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesSkee-Ball®144212021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesSNOW ME THE MONEY1459642021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesSuper 7-11-21 10X139712021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesTHE NEW YORK SERIES145222021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesTic Tac Snow141422021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesTriple $$$140432021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesTriple Jackpot139332021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesWhole Lotta $500!13844192021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesWild Cherries135712021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesWin $1,000 A Week For Life145352021-01-18
NY$2.00 GamesWIN FOR LIFE138702021-01-18
NY$1.00 GamesWinner Green1415132021-01-18
NY$3.00 GamesWINNER GREEN CASHWORD145742021-01-18
NY$5.00 GamesWinnings139512021-01-18