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This is the free data that we pull from the Nebraska Lottery website.  Use the table below to search for and sort through the Nebraska Scratch Games tickets currently for sale in NE.

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NE$1.00 GamesLucky #7100732018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesGet In Line86612018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesCelebrate!88512018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesQuick 7s96912018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesQuick 7s98262018-09-18
NE$1.00 Games7-11-21®95322018-09-18
NE$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy977222018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesPocket Change97062018-09-18
NE$1.00 GamesDiamond Dash95722018-09-18
NE$2.00 GamesBonus Quick 7s92912018-09-18
NE$2.00 GamesReb Ball Tripler100432018-09-17
NE$2.00 GamesDouble The Dollars90412018-08-30
NE$2.00 GamesWhite Hot 7s92722018-09-18
NE$2.00 GamesApple Orchard Doubler99492018-09-18
NE$2.00 GamesNebraska Passport98812018-09-18
NE$2.00 GamesTruck$ & Buck$98112018-08-21
NE$3.00 GamesThe Voice99332018-09-18
NE$3.00 Games$200 Frenzy9783232018-09-18
NE$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword98642018-09-18
NE$3.00 GamesLucky Ladybug Crossword925192018-09-18
NE$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword95412018-09-04
NE$3.00 Games10X Bingo Multiplier97222018-09-18
NE$3.00 GamesCleopatra97412018-08-23
NE$5.00 Games$50,000 Crossword Connect™98412018-09-18
NE$5.00 GamesCash Splash98312018-09-18
NE$5.00 GamesRed White & Blue98512018-09-18
NE$5.00 GamesN93122018-09-18
NE$5.00 Games$50,000 Mega Bingo93912018-09-18
NE$5.00 GamesSuper Quick 7s95922018-09-18
NE$5.00 Games$500 Frenzy9794802018-09-18
NE$10.00 GamesLucky Numbers SUPER TICKET™93622018-09-18
NE$10.00 Games10X The Money86372018-09-18
NE$10.00 GamesBlack Diamond Crossword99032018-09-18
NE$10.00 GamesWinter Takes It All96752018-09-18
NE$10.00 GamesNebraska Cash Blowout87872902018-09-18
NE$10.00 Games$1,500 Frenzy980402018-09-18
NE$10.00 GamesDouble Diamonds91422018-09-18
NE$20.00 GamesNo Holding Back!92312018-09-12
NE$20.00 Games25th Anniversary Silver Multiplier97352018-09-18
NE$20.00 GamesUltimate Bonus Crossword99932018-09-18
NE$20.00 GamesMultitude Of Money93032018-09-18
NE$20.00 GamesFlawless Fortune89022018-09-18