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NE$20.00 Games$1,000 Frenzy111212.982021-05-08
NE$2.00 Games$100 in a Flash111613.982021-05-08
NE$10.00 Games$100,000 Crossword Inferno1087132021-05-08
NE$20.00 Games$200,000 Cash Crossword111322.982021-05-08
NE$3.00 Games10X Bingo Multiplier110233.452021-05-08
NE$1.00 Games2by2109243.422021-05-08
NE$10.00 GamesArcade Classics Super TIcket108213.612021-05-08
NE$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword109633.482021-05-08
NE$2.00 GamesBrew Bucks112633.982021-05-08
NE$2.00 GamesCash Connect106513.92021-04-28
NE$5.00 GamesCash Money1139134.142021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesDiamonds and Dollars114223.92021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesFun 5s100613.552021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesLady Luck10462842021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesLucky 7s Crossword Tripler113513.542021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesLucky Break11524083.622021-05-08
NE$3.00 GamesLucky Symbols LOTERIA110313.852021-04-19
NE$20.00 GamesNebraska Black107912.592021-05-06
NE$5.00 GamesNebraska State Parks Centennial111833.812021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesNifty $50s112851442021-05-08
NE$10.00 GamesPlatinum Payout11235252021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesPocket Change 5X1136742021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesPower 11132114.252021-05-08
NE$10.00 GamesPower 10113423.552021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesPower 5113313.512021-04-26
NE$3.00 GamesPrize Lines111713.652021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesQuick 7s108813.722021-05-08
NE$1.00 GamesQuick 7s109523.722021-05-08
NE$20.00 GamesSupreme Cash1109132021-05-08
NE$2.00 GamesTruck$ & Buck$®111543.742021-05-08
NE$20.00 GamesWhite Ice Black Ice110822.942021-05-08
NE$3.00 GamesWild Cherry Slingo®112233.72021-05-08
NE$5.00 GamesWild Red Sevens112914.142021-04-19
NE$10.00 GamesWin $20, $50 or $100112449666.982021-05-08
NE$10.00 GamesWin $20, $50, $1001085506.982021-04-29
NE$1.00 GamesWinner Winner Chicken Dinner10744542021-05-08