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MN$20.00 Games$500,000 Jackpot1865132021-11-07
MN$20.00 Games$500,000 Payday1848532021-11-07
MN$3.00 Games- Tetris178033.642021-10-12
MN$2.00 Games10X the Money186323.672021-11-04
MN$50.00 Games500X1813152.892021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesBackwards Crossword179823.462021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesBee Lucky185133.692021-11-04
MN$10.00 GamesBig Money Maker180803.192021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesBingo Extra185803.832021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesBobbin' for Cash1846153.792021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesBonus Spot Bingo75713.542021-11-07
MN$50.00 GamesCa$h1876952.892021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesCash Cannon186243.792021-11-07
MN$20.00 GamesCashtastic Crossword187332.932021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesCoffee Break Crossword185613.532021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesCrossword Colors187153.522021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesCrossword Multiplier186433.532021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesDouble Diamond184513.482021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesDouble Dollar Crossword182013.22021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesDunk Tank Dollars185313.482021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesEmerald Green 7s72613.332021-11-07
MN$5.00 GamesFall Winnings187223.62021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesFiesta!185723.872021-11-04
MN$1.00 GamesFind the 9s182643.782021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesFruit Explosion181813.662021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesFruit Explosion186123.662021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesGolden Riches184153.182021-11-07
MN$5.00 GamesHoliday $500s188043813.982021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesIt Takes 2181703.892021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesJu$t a Buck1838113.692021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesJumbo Gold Crossword186923.22021-11-07
MN$5.00 GamesMinnesota180713.762021-11-07
MN$7.00 GamesMinnesota Vikings186724.312021-11-07
MN$5.00 GamesMystery Prize Crossword186813.42021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesNuts for Cash182423.22021-11-07
MN$5.00 GamesPower Shot Multiplier184403.632021-10-26
MN$10.00 GamesPremiere Play187523.152021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesRake It In187093.82021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesRed Hot Riches186013.242021-11-04
MN$7.00 GamesSapphire 7s185934.312021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesSKOL186643.852021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesStocking Stuffer187973.872021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesThe Game of Life185033.082021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesThe Perfect Gift187893.82021-11-07
MN$1.00 GamesTic Tac Multiplier185433.812021-11-07
MN$2.00 GamesTriple 777187443.892021-11-07
MN$40.00 GamesTriple Diamond Payout184313.982021-11-07
MN$10.00 GamesWild $1076623.322021-11-07
MN$3.00 GamesWinning Streak187733.442021-11-07