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Scratch Smarter Comments:

Massachusetts State Lottery Commission publishes a fair bit of information for each of it’s Instant Games.  However, it should be noted that Massachusetts State Lottery Commission only publishes the remaining prizes of the top prize category.

Massachusetts State Lottery Commission does not publish the last date to claim information, making it difficult to know if a ticket has expired.

We are sorry to announce that we have discontinued the analysis of the Mass Lotteries scratch-off games AS OF JULY 31, 2020.
For years, we have attempted to make up for the MASS Lottery’s poor data quality in an effort to provide our subscribers with high quality, analytical approach to buying scratch off games.
Unfortunately, the Mass Lottery has failed to continue to provide adequate data through their website and our reporting requests directly to them. When they did reply to our direct requests for data, their files were extremely inconsistent and required a massive amount of manual validation to ensure it met our quality standards to analyze their games. 
Unfortunately, we have determined that we can no longer produce a quality analytical report for MA because of the inconsistent and poor data we receive from the state and their website.   
If you live near any of the other surrounding states and can play their scratch off lottery games, we’d love to have you subscribe to any of the surrounding states, as their lottery websites provide excellent data.