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Below is a huge list of Frequently Asked Questions about ScratchSmarter & our Best Games to Play report.   We suggest that, before you comb through these questions,  start by reading our Scratch-off 101 pages.  These will give you a good basis about scratch-off games, odds and how we track and analyze all games:

Then, review all of our Video Secrets:

If you want to know specifics about how ScratchSmarter analyzes your state, click on your state from the green map on this page:


Finally, our FAQ section has all of your other questions already answered below!

ScratchSmarter Subscriptions (4)

Subscribers can live in any state and subscribe to any state that we offer reports.  For example, we have customers who live part time in Florida and subscribe to our Report for Maine.
We limit the number of subscriptions per state, so subscription payments are on a per-state basis,
So, pick one (or more states) you want to subscribe to and add it to your cart!
The answer is “YES!”   Our site is 100% self-service.  All memberships are set up with a renewal automatically, but you can change that ANYTIME you want in our member’s area.
Please read this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that explain how it works:
After you cancel, your subscription will be in a ‘pending cancellation’ status. This FAQ explains why:

There are a few reasons why our reports are state specific for each subscription:

1) Each state has a separate website.  We have to build and maintain special scraping software for each state
2) Each state reports the game data differently, so we have to map each data set to our database for standardized processing.
Because of these two, rather large investments in time and software,  we sell subscriptions to each state separately to cover our costs.
Finally, To stay under the radar of the lotteries, we limit the number of subscriptions to each state.
You can buy a 3-month subscription for each state and simply cancel the subscription when you’re no longer need that report.

We’ll honor your current subscription and move it to your new state!  Just email and tell us what state you’re moving to and when you’re ready for us to change your subscription to the new state!

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