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Below is a huge list of Frequently Asked Questions about ScratchSmarter & our Best Games to Play report.   We suggest that, before you comb through these questions,  start by reading our Scratch-off 101 pages.  These will give you a good basis about scratch-off games, odds and how we track and analyze all games:

Then, review all of our Video Secrets:

If you want to know specifics about how ScratchSmarter analyzes your state, click on your state from the green map on this page:


Finally, our FAQ section has all of your other questions already answered below!

Email (2)

Here is a link to our self-help guide for resolving email delivery issues.


We do not guarantee email delivery, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on our mailing list. Our mailing lists are pulled directly from our list of subscribers in our orders list every week. If you placed an order, you are on our weekly list and we ARE trying to get you your reports!

Here is a self-help guide you can use to get your reports in your INBOX every week!

1 On the first Friday after you ordered, check your email inbox

Look for an email from


We send out reports by email every Friday by 5 pm est.

(please wait until 5 pm EST to check your inbox)


Found our email?

YES? ———–>


NO? Go to STEP 2

NO PROBLEM – your reports are getting through to your inbox!

BUT, to be safe, please add BESTGAMES@SCRATCHSMATER.COM to your list of contacts with your email provider to make sure you KEEP getting reports and important information about your subscription account.


2 CHECK YOUR JUNK or BULK email folder


Look for any emails from

Found our email?

YES? ———->

NO? Go to STEP 3

Either move the email to your inbox OR open it and mark it SAFE or NOT SPAM


Also, please add BESTGAMES@SCRATCHSMATER.COM to your list of contacts in email.

3 STILL no report? Look for the original email receipt from ScratchSmarter when you ordered. Found your receipt:?



NO? Go to STEP 4


Double-check the email address you put on the order.


Are you checking the right email account?     Don’t worry this happens a lot – almost everyone has multiple addresses.


Please check the inbox of the email address you used on the order and go back to Step 1.


4 Find the receipt for your order?


RECEIPTS are emailed out immediately AFTER you placed an order.




Check your credit card or PayPal account you used. Verify that you were charged something from SCRATCHSMARTER, LLC







OOPS! It looks like your credit card or PayPal account didn’t complete.


Please go to and make sure your order goes all the way through.


When an order completes, you will get an order receipt from AND you’ll automatically land out THANK YOU page!


5 Log into the member’s area and try to get to your report


Login at:

Https:// , scroll down and click on your state to get to your report.

Can you get to your report in the member’s area?




NO? Go to Step 6

Your email address is correct in our system and YOU ARE on our weekly mail list, BUT your email provider is blocking our emails to you.


Some email providers have very strong filtering rules for bulk emails. All or our weekly reports are sent through a BULK mailing program.


We are just being blocked – and not even getting to your junk mail folder.



You have three options:


1)      Just use our Members page.! BOOKMARK your reports page in your browser and come back to that page every week. This is your best option because our reports are automatically posted there every Friday by 12:00 noon EST, a lot earlier than when our emails go out!


2)      Contact your email provider help desk and tell them you’re not getting a report you paid for.


Ask them to white-list so you get your email.



3)      If options 1&2 don’t work, and you REALLY HAVE to have your report emailed to you, then create a free account on   Next, create a new user account on with your new email address. Then, email and request that we move your subscription from your old address to the new address.

PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN THE EMAIL so we can verify it’s you requesting the change.


6 Email with your ORDER NUMBER, ORDER DATE and your FULL NAME ScratchSmarter has to fix your account! You ordered a report from us and we WANT to deliver it to you, but once in a while customers accidentally mistype their email address when ordering.


WE CAN FIX IT!   But, we cannot find your order by your email address because it is not correct in our system.


Please email us your order number, order date, and your full name to help us find your order in the system.






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