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Quick and accurate Washington, D.C.  lottery results, for all DC lottery scratcher games:

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DC$1.00 GamesPocket Change136612019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesThe Crown Jewels138512019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesRoll'Em135412019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesCash on the Spot136312019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesTriple It!136912019-02-18
DC$1.00 Games2X The Money138912019-02-18
DC$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy14054072019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesJingle Bills140002019-02-18
DC$1.00 Games333137302019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesRapid Refund134502019-02-18
DC$1.00 GamesLucky Pets139402019-02-18
DC$1.00 Games$1,000 PAY DAY138202019-02-18
DC$2.00 Games5X The Money139012019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesHandbag Ticket134912019-02-18
DC$2.00 Games20214082182019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesSuits140342019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesUNO139312019-02-18
DC$2.00 Games3 Grand135512019-02-08
DC$2.00 GamesDouble Match138012019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesRacing Presidents138402019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesHoliday Double Win140102019-02-18
DC$2.00 GamesLucky Pets136702019-01-30
DC$3.00 GamesCrossword Connect133312019-02-18
DC$3.00 Games$25,000 Cash Fiesta138712019-02-18
DC$3.00 GamesBlazin' Hot Crossword139822019-02-18
DC$3.00 GamesBingo Boxes135702019-02-18
DC$3.00 GamesDC Loteria131202019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesThe Big $5 Ticket137912019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesDC Flag140922019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesWashington Capitals® 2018 Stanley Cup Champions™139712019-02-18
DC$5.00 Games$500 Frenzy14061902019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesHit the Jackpot139912019-02-18
DC$5.00 Games$10, $20 or $50!13751192019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesDC LOVE137802019-02-18
DC$5.00 Games$25,000 Holiday Bonus140202019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesDid I Win?137202019-02-18
DC$5.00 Games10X The Money139102019-02-18
DC$5.00 GamesDiamond Fortune134802019-01-30
DC$10.00 GamesJackpot138112019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesSuper Ticket 7s133422019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesAces High138612019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesHigh Roller's Fortune140412019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesRed Hot Riches141012019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesMega Fortune135902019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesRed Hot 10s137702019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesStar138802019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesExtreme Cash Blast132402019-02-18
DC$10.00 GamesCapitol Cash133202019-02-08
DC$10.00 GamesBank On It!137602019-02-18
DC$20.00 GamesDiamond Dollars132512019-02-18
DC$20.00 GamesCASH Celebration!137412019-02-18
DC$20.00 Games20X The Money139212019-02-18
DC$20.00 Games$5,000 Frenzy14071102019-02-18
DC$20.00 Games30X the Cash136102019-02-18
DC$30.00 Games$10 Million Cash Extravaganza139522019-02-18