Apple LOTTERY Patent?



So, what does Apple have to do with the instant lottery market?  Pretty much nothing, today…….but in the near future, maybe a lot!

It turns out that Apple was just awarded a patent from the US Patent and Trademark office for a new scratch off ticket.

Check out the two links here from the USPTO.GOV website:

Images of their instant lottery ticket concept is clearly identified in the patent documentation here:



So, what does this mean?

Well, here at, we think it means that Apple may have recognized that the INSTANT SCRATCH OFF Lottery market is BIG BUSINESS!

With a lot of research, combing though every state lotteries annual report, we were able to estimate that this years INSTANT LOTTERY SALES have topped over $31 BILLION nationwide!

That’s $31,000,000,000.00!

Thats a BIG number, so let’s put it into perspective.


Coca-Cola’s WORLD WIDE Sales for 2012 was $48 Billion.

Their North America Sales was approximately $21 Billion.  And that $21 Billion includes Canada!

So, with only 42 of the 50 states selling instant lottery tickets, instant lottery tickets out-sold Coca-Cola by almost 1.5 times!

Now, in most states, Instant Games sell MORE than PowerBall and MegaMillions combined!

That is a LOT of lottery tickets printed every year, so if APPLE could create a unique, better scratch off experience, they might be tackling the instant game printing market.  Or at least offer their patented scratch off method to current scratch off printing companies.

Personally, I’ve been frustrated with the scratch off material on the apple iTunes gift cards and on instant lottery tickets.

On the Apple iTunes gift cards, It used to be frustrating for us to scratch off that small area without destroying the code underneath.  And the code underneath is what you need to redeem the gift amount on the iTunes store!

It WAS difficult, until we created the SmartScraper! SmartScraper Image

 This little tool is approximately 1.5″ x 1.6″, fits on our key chain and has a LASER cut stainless steel flat edge.  An easy swipe with the SmartScraper, and all of the scratch off material is gone and the code under the Apple gift card is SAFELY exposed without being scratched away.

And just look how it works on an Instant Lottery Ticket!

SmartScraper1 SmartScraper2 SmartScraper3 SmartScraper4


That simple little tool is awesome and does the trick every time without destroying the ticket or gift card code!

So, you can either WAIT for Apple to own the instant lottery ticket printing for every state, OR you can get a FREE SmartScraper today with your premium subscription to the ScatchSmarter Best Games to Play Report! Sign up at

If you’re not interested in a subscription, you can order just the SmartScraper at:Buy at
What ever you choose, good luck with your Apple iTunes Gift Cards and your lottery tickets!